Large Building Blocks for Babies

$44.99 $55.00

Stimulate their brains! Early development is highly important!

Engage their minds with the best tools possible. Configurable, attachable big rubber blocks are safe and engaging to play with. Bite it, throw it, stack it, join them, share or keep them all to yourself! They're made for play šŸ§±

  • Increases & develops color perception, animal cognition,Ā building and motor skills, and exposure toĀ shapes, forms and ideasĀ šŸ’”Ā 
  • 20, 40 or 50 piece soft rubber block packages.
  • Blocks are so large,Ā Impossible To Swallow!
  • Extra-largeĀ blocks, easy on the teeth,Ā highly customizable.
  • Perfect for infants,Ā 0 to 1 years oldĀ and into their terribleĀ 2's šŸ˜‚ !
  • Free fromĀ formaldehyde, BPA and is non-toxic.
  • PVC soft rubber materialĀ šŸ§±
  • Clean andĀ disinfect periodicallyĀ with boiling-hot water