Silicone Building Blocks for Babies and Toddlers


These could be just a regular building blocks. But they're not.  They're also teething blocks!  It's just too good to be true!

Who's making sure the baby's developing cognitive skills?!  🧠

Doubling as floating bath toys, these silicone-made blocks fit into one another like jig-saw puzzles. By putting them together and taking them apart, the baby improves its motor skills and develops early cognitive learning abilities. Different textures, colors, and shapes will jog their reflexes, motor skills and cognition. 
  • 3D-embossed high-grade silicone blocks, each side is unique. 
  • Supports learning of addition, subtraction & logical thinking ability.
  • 12 Different Animals  🐷  🐭  🐦 🙈  on each block w/12 different colors.
  • Each ball can be combined with the other with different numbers corresponding to different pieces of fruits 🍉 🍋  🍇  🍌 !
  • Squeaky sounding bath toys!

  • "Geometry Splicing" design with various geometric cutouts and protrusions.
  • Teether and bite-safe | Soft on the teeth, not soft enough to bite through.
  • Tactile, realistic, and interesting for the baby.
  • FREE OF: Formaldehyde, BPA, & PVC. Non-toxic.
  • All 12 blocks float in water 💦
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