Portable Banana Travel Potty


Do you also have problems while traveling with your kids? Change the way you travel with your kids now!

They may need to eat, to drink, to play and to use a toilet. We thought about that's how Banana potty was created!

Why it's better than other potties?


  • You can fold and unfold it
  • You can use it indoors and outdoors
  • Simply put it in your bag and you are done!

We thought about every detail:


  • It's made of long lasting ABS material that holds up to 50 kg. (110lbs)
  • While using - no water needed
  • Scratch resistant and durable 
  • Bags are 100% biodegradable
  • Anti-slip feature for safe use
  • Surface of travel potty is smooth and easy to clean
  • 20 biodegradable bags included!


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