Montessori Wooden Counting Toy by Olly&Owl


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Use these geometric toys to help them learn! With shapes, colors, and numbers! ⭕ Easy to use and made from wood. Get them prepped for preschool with early-stage development & support.

Hands-on tools always stimulate more engagement. Great toy to always have around between 0 to 36 months as they develop  💠 It is recommended to learn colors first, then shapes and numbers.

  • Made from wood & safe for the baby!
  • Includes numbers, rings, and objects.
  • Increase mental 🧠 skills and motor functions.
  • Great for bonding with kids during playtime.
  • Lots of pieces to share between multiple kids.
  • Environmentally friendly plastic components.
  • Teach early math skills.
  • Teach colors, shapes, and numbers as they progress.
  • Give them a break from their electronic toys and tv!
  • Hands-on playtime 😄