Silicone Building Blocks by Olly&Owl
These could be just a regular building blocks. But it's not. It's also teething blocks! It's just too good to be true but let's see what we got more. Who's making sure the baby's developing cognitive skills?!  🧠 Doubling as...
$69.99 $39.99
Montessori Wooden Counting Toy by Olly&Owl
Olly&Owl is happy to present Eco Wooden Counting Toy which helps to learn numbers and strengthens motor skills. Inspired by Montessori learning system.  Material: Wood Age Range: 2-4 Years Count, pair and play!  
$59.99 $39.99
Baby Kneepads
  A pair of soft elbow and knee pads for your little one to protect their arms and legs whilst learning to crawl.  Available in a range of colors!
Animal Play Mat
Must have for your perfect baby nursery! Selection of 17 different styles! Made from cotton - perfect for crawling  Diameter - 90cm (36")
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