Baby Kneepads
  A pair of soft elbow and knee pads for your little one to protect their arms and legs whilst learning to crawl.  Available in a range of colors!
Knitted Sheep Blanket
Ultra soft knitted baby blanket with adorable sheep pattern.  Made from soft cotton Breathable and durable,  Blanket is the perfect gift for a baby or expecting mom. Selection of 2 colors.
Laura Knitted Headband
Perfect accessory for your little one! Huge ribbon Knitted - comfy  Selection of 5 colors!
$14.99 $11.99
High-Knee Plush Dinosaur Socks
Plush cotton socks with dinosaur spikes! Comes in 6 different colors Anti-slip technology  Knee-length 
Baby Sunglasses With UV Protection
Perfectly cute sunglasses for your little one!  Choose from 6 different colors! One size - age range > 6 years. With UV protection. 
$29.99 $19.99
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