Unique Baby Girl Names

February 20, 2019

Unique Baby Girl Names

When you are counting days for your sweet baby girl to come up to your life there is one more important thing left!

It's so exciting! If you are little bit getting sick of traditional baby girl names, check out this list and maybe you will find something cute and fit. 

Dig trough and tell us what you think!



1. ABRIELLE Short form of Gabrielle, meaning “God is my strength.”

2. ADLEY English,  a variation of Hadley, meaning “heather field.”

3. AINSLEE Scottish, spelling variation of Ainsley meaning “one’s own meadow.”

4. ANALIA Combination of Ana and Lucia.

5. ANNISTON English surname

6. ARMELLE Breton, meaning “bear prince.”

7. ARNELLE German, meaning “eagle.” 

8. AZALEA Flower name 

9. BELLAMY French, meaning “beautiful friend.”

10. BEXLEY Place name

11. BRAYLIN Invented name

12. BRECKEN Irish, meaning “freckled.”

13. BRIDGER English, meaning “lives near a bridge.”

14. BRINDLEY English, meaning “burnt wood-clearing.”

15. BRITTA Scandinavian, meaning “exalted one.”

16. BRONWYN Welsh, meaning “white breast.”

17. CALLA. Greek, meaning “beautiful.”

18. CALLOWAY. Latin, meaning “pebbly place.”

19. CAMARI. Invented name 

20. CASSIA Greek, meaning “cinnamon.”

21. CORINNA Greek, meaning “maiden.”

22. CORTEZ Spanish surname, meaning “courteous.” 

23. DAMARI Invented name

24. DARBY Irish, meaning “free from envy.”

25. DASH Unknown origin and meaning

26. DINAH Hebrew, meaning “God will judge.”

27. ELORA Hebrew, meaning “the Lord is my light.”

28. EMBRY English surname, meaning “flat-topped hill.” 

29. EVASTASIA Invented name 

30. FENELLA Celtic, meaning “white-shouldered one.” 

31. FLEUR French, meaning  “flower.”

32. GRACEN An elaboration of Grace 

33. GRECIA Spanish, meaning “Greece.” 

34. HARLYN English and German, meaning “rocky land.”

35. HARTLEY English, meaning “stag meadow.”

36. HENSLEY English, meaning “stallion.” 

37. HOLLAND Dutch place name

38. INA Latin feminine suffix 

39. IONE Greek, meaning “violet flower.” 

40. ISA German, meaning “strong-willed.” 

 41. JAELYN Invented name

42. JAKOBE American from Hebrew, meaning “supplanter.”

43. JESSA English short form of Jessica

44. JEZEBEL Hebrew, meaning “unexalted.”

45. KAYA Native American, meaning “my elder sister.”

46. KAYONNA Invented name

47. LAKE Word name  

48. LAURIA Italian habitional name 

49. LAURISSA Russian, meaning “citadel.” 

50. LEGACY Word name

51. LUZ Spanish, meaning “light.” 

52. MERRITT Virtue name

53. MIREYA Spanish, meaning “to admire.” 

54. OLYMPIA Greek, meaning “from Olympus.” 

55. ORIANA Italian and Latin, meaning “dawn.” 

56. PERNILLE Scandinavian, meaning “stone.”

57. PERSEPHONE Greek mythology name 

58. RHEA Greek, meaning “flowing stream.”

59. SASKIA Dutch, meaning “Saxon.”

60. TINLEY Invented name

61. TRISTEN Celtic, meaning “noise or sorrowful.”

62. TULIP Turkish flower name

63. TURNER English occupational name.

64. ULANI Hawaiian, meaning “cheerful.” 

65. URI Hebrew, meaning “my flame.”

66. VALENTINE Latin, meaning “strength.” 

67. VEDA Sanskrit, meaning “knowledge.”

68. VITA Latin, meaning “life.”

69. YEHUDA Hebrew form of Judah

70. ZABEL Armenian form of Isabel 

71. ZAYLEE Invented name

72. ZINNIA Flower name



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